Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Quilt That Could Happen

I've gotten this far:

It's my first adult sized quilt, and the top is pretty much done.  Some seams could use some repair where they puckered, and I need to add the border pieces.

Still, that's a lot of work to be sitting in a wrinkled pile gathering dust.  You can just see the bear surveying the seams, shaking his head at my lack of progress.

What is holding me back is the next step after that--the actual quilting part.  You know, the part where you sew together the quilt top and back and fluffy batting goodness in the middle.  Scary!!!  I have never done machine quilting, only tying layers together.

I don't know if I can roll up my queen sized quilt sandwich into a small enough log to fit into my standard sewing machine.

I also do not have any special table or attachment for my machine--will I need to buy or build one to avoid drag?  Or could I just stack a bunch of books around my machine to raise the platform?

I do know for sure that I do not want to quilt it by hand.

So, I'm stuck and taking all suggestions.

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