Monday, May 28, 2012

More Elmo

Like a turkey on Thanksgiving, a birthday cake is a pretty big part of an event, so I was glad that this one for Jake's first birthday turned out.

The technique for Elmo was to tape parchment paper to a printed image and then trace the outlines with black piping gel.  Then, I flipped the parchment paper onto the iced cake and filled in the rest of the details with colored icing and the Wilton decorating tips.  I suppose it would not have been that hard to freehand.

The cake was King Arthur Flour's Golden Vanilla Cake, and the icing was all purchased ready-made.  I love the instructions at King Arthur Flour, so that's one of the first places I look for basic recipes.  The instructions allow a switch between weight and volume, which is also so helpful.

Looks like it was a hit with the birthday boy.


  1. That came out great! I made an Elmo cake for my son's second birthday, and the grin on his face when he saw it made it worth all of the work!

  2. That turned out so great!!!! I love the parchment paper idea, too!
    Thank you for sharing at my Super Link Party! :-)

  3. The cake was delicious!! First time in a long time I've had a "scratch cake."