Sunday, March 11, 2012

Orange You Glad

Knock, Knock

Who's there?


Orange who?

Orange lamps!

Now that the bedroom got gussied up with a new headboard, it was ready for a pop of color.

Enter existing lamps, which do not pop against our walls.  By the way, our wall color is "Bagel" from the House Beautiful book Colors for Your Home.  We mostly chose it because bagels taste good.  They really, really do.

With some inspiration from Pinterest, I wanted orange in our color palette.  So I got a pretty shade from Lowe's.

I did not get carded for my purchase of spray paint, so +1 to Lowe's.  Those Walmart cashiers are kidding, right?

Here is a lamp newly primed:

Then I went to town on the orange and said, "Hey, Rusty, check out our new orange lamps."

He very tactfully asked, "I wonder if they should be glazed?"

Huh, glaze on metal?  Didn't think of it.  But these lamps were groovy, by which I mean had lots of grooves, just waiting for a little distress.

And yeah, I can see how he might not be able to sleep with these fire hydrants next to him.

Yes, let's glaze.

Wax on...

Wax off...

That's better.

Here they are, all dressed and ready to go.

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  1. These lamps are lovely! I found your blog on Chic on a Shoestring! Great job on the lamps. They're a nice pop of colour.

  2. Hi Sarah!, I see you're a new blogger like me! LOVIN the orange! I saw you over at Here Comes the Sun! Great job on the lamps!

  3. I love these lamps! Orange is such a great color. Thanks for linking up to Fabulous Friday. I'm featuring these tomorrow.

    1. Thanks so much Kelly! I am so excited to grab my first featured button. Love your blog.

  4. Those lamps look fantastic! I'm here through the Here Comes the Sun link party! :) Your headboard is just gorgeous as well! Megan your newest follower.

    1. Thanks, Megan--I think we were posting on each other's blogs at the same time!

  5. Glad Rusty was tactful! Love the lamps!!