Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ladybug Baby Blanket

I wanted to dust off my sewing machine, and I wanted to make something for the new daughter of a friend.  Here's what we got:

It was fun to make, and I hope it's cozy for adorable tiny Lucy.

The Scalloped Baby Blanket pattern is from Bend the Rules Sewing, and the fabrics are from JoAnn's.  The hardest part was of course sewing around the turns, and then sewing closed the opening left when turning inside out.  It was also tricky drawing the scallops out because they kept not matching when they met.  I wish the book had given a little guidance on that.  All in all, though, fun project and great way to start sewing again.


  1. oh how adorable! I love that it's a different style.


  2. I will speak for Lucy and say that the ladybug blanket is a hit!! Thanks again :)