Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Owl Wrap Skirt

Ladies, do you remember having a wrap-around skirt as a child?  One of my first memories is wearing one to preschool.  Trying to figure out how to put it on was just as much fun as twirling in it.

Despite the marvel of design that I thought my skirt was, it turns out that wrap skirts are simple to assemble.  I followed this great Reversible Wrap Around Skirt Tutorial from What Did She Do Today? to make one for a friend's daughter.  I used the pieced version because I wanted the owls to stay vertical.  This skirt would have been even easier if I had selected fabrics that would work in all directions, like the fabrics from the Ladybug Baby Blanket.  But I like the owls.  Guess I'm on an Owl kick.

When I finished, it looked like the ties would not meet with enough room to tie.  I sat there, puzzling over how to get this wrap to function as a skirt, having flashbacks to preschool.  I decided that the formula must not be right, so I added a bunch more length.  I sent a comment to check with the author.  If she wants to play a trick on me, she will tell me that it would work just fine with the shorter ties, and I'll lose sleep figuring that one out.

I consider any project a success that allows me to learn something new.  In this case, I got to make a buttonhole.  I use the word "make" loosely because the machine did all the work.  So glad to live in an age of technology that includes wrap skirts as well as automatic sewing machines.

So, Audrey, I hope you enjoy twirling in this skirt as much as I enjoyed making it.


  1. this is so adorable, it looks so perfect.

    i am requesting some sewing lessons. i have always wanted to learn how to sew.

  2. Thanks :-) Come on over! And I can get cake lessons, right?

  3. My daughter Audrey was the super lucky recipient! I can't wait to put her in it and the great thing is (other than the fact that she will request to wear it I know because she loves owls) but also that I know it will fit her for a while due to the 'adjustable waist.' She has a tiny one too so it is so perfect! Oh I can't wait for her to wear it and for her to twirl around in it. This will be her spring/summer wardrobe staple for sure. And it's reversible- Whoooo knew, ha! I am super lucky to have such a kind, thoughtful and TALENTED friend! Thanks so much, Sarah!!!

    Funny, I totally remember my wrap-around skirt as a kid too, but it wasn't this nice!

    1. Thanks for the nice comments--you are so welcome! Audrey is such a cutie. Hope to have lots of play dates this spring and summer!

  4. Wow - that turned out great! Love the pattern you selected!

  5. This is an adorable skirt! Love the material you used, the owls are too cute!! I would LOVE to have you share this at my link party...I am your newest Linky follower...would LOVE to have you check out my site!


  6. Wow! What a fabulous skirt! So cute! I love wrap-around skirts and I'm sure Audrey is going to love hers, too. :-) Thanks so much for sharing. I'm now following via Linky and look forward to seeing more of your creative blog. Have a terrific weekend!