Saturday, May 26, 2012

Elmo Cake Pops

If you are turning one, and you have a mom who likes to play with food, chances are greater than zero that some of these are going to your daycare:

They are just so much fun to make. The process is taken precisely from Bakerella's Street Party Cake Pops Tutorial. I was worried about finding the right pieces, but I pulled the Sixlets for the eyes from my local party store. My mom rescued some orange jelly beans from the bulk bins of candy at the grocery store.

I won't lie: it took an entire evening to make a baker's dozen of these. That's more time than the frog cake pops took. I pretty much had to hold each one for a few minutes while it was drying, althought the frogs could be propped upright.

It was a satisfying evening, though, because cake pops are fun and easy.

Even though Jacob doesn't know what a birthday is and can't eat the candies, I still wanted to commemorate the day the way I can--by giving him more hugs and kisses and crafty treats than he can possibly use.  Next up: full cake.


  1. Totally wonderful!! Elmo is such a cool character, as is Jacob!

  2. OK... Sixlets and Jelly Beans... GENIUS!!! Those look great!
    Thanks for sharing them with my Super Link Party! :-)

  3. Love them, especially the noses!! I bet that was a very happy 1st birthday!